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Fists in Solidarity

Partner with us and take your brand to the next level

TJC Products

A company that's direct focus is providing lasting value beyond just a purchase order. Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial and long lasting partnership that you can trust. 

We provide brand protection that can help you and your brand stay ahead of the curve and keep your business running in the most efficient way possible. We can help you find MAP violators and provide services that allow you to keep your brands policies under control. 

Listing Optimization

Our team can optimize your Amazon listings by re-writing the title, bullets, and product images in ways that will catch your customers eyes, increase conversion rates, differentiate you from your competitors, and take your product to the top of the Amazon listings page. 



We can run sponsored pay per click advertising on your amazon listings to increase your customer base and take the traffic you're getting on your listings to the next level.  


Our goal at TJC Products is to provide value to your amazon listings through creating valuable, meaningful, and lasting partnerships. We work very hard to find the specific problems that are hurting your brand and loosing you valuable sales. We provide services that are unique to your situation so we can exponentially and efficiently grow your business. 

We are different from other sellers because we focus on providing long-lasting value to your listings and brand name ensuring that your vision is aligned with our goals. Unlike other sellers, we aren't here to just buy and sell your product. By providing services to help you, it helps us, our vision here at TJC Products is to ensure that your brands success is directly aligned with our services to provide long lasting, mutual, benefit. By making sure your goals are met, it insures our success.

A+ content

We can help you add A+ content or otherwise knowns as enhanced brand content to your listings to help catch your customers eyes and show them that your product should be the one they want to go with and help you find customers that will come back time and time again.

Product Packaging

If you or your customers aren't happy with the way your products packaging looks, we can help you. We ensure that with our resources we can help you design product packaging that will make both you and your customers feel the satisfaction you're seeking. 

Image Optimization

Product packaging is one of the most important and best ways to separate you from your competitors. Here at TJC Products we can help you get in contact with some professional photographers and add images to your Amazon listings that will make your brand stand out from the rest.

Not convinced yet? 

Here's a list of some of the other services we provide! We're confident that through our services your brand will be able to prosper like never before!

Brand Presence

Your brand is totally awesome, but is that awesomeness showing up on Amazon? If not, we can help.

Catalog Management

Innocent mismanagement of your product SKUs on Amazon will not only cost you money, it could suppress your listing.


Many reviews both good and bad - are misplaced. Almost every brand has negative reviews that can be instantly removed.


How do customers see your product on Amazon compared to “related products” that show up on your listing?

Search Presence

There are three places on your listing where having the right search terms can drastically boost your Amazon presence.

Brand Registry

Is your brand protected from counterfeiters and listing hijackers? If not, Brand Registry is the first place to start

Special Programs

Lightning deals, subscribe and save, reviewer programs and more. There is so much more to Amazon than most ever realize.

Reseller Monitoring

Are resellers of your brand playing by the rules? Honoring MAP pricing? Respecting your intellectual property rights? We are your watch dog.

Appeals Management

Amazon is so big, it often suppresses listings without rhyme or reason. Appealing nonsensical policy violation notifications requires its own unique language. We speak it.


  • Phone: 385-383-1882

  • Email: tjcproducts

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